Diyalog 360 team, which has focused on social and environmental projects, have a significant knowledge and experience on these issues over two decades.

A lot of successful projects, events and publicity activities were conducted by Diyalog 360, which has operated in the fields of sponsorship relations, digital/traditional publishing, research and development, organizing events, project design, management and implementation, training and consultancy.

We are providing services to national and international institutions and organizations and non-governmental organizations. Diyalog 360 is one of the leading companies in Turkey in its field, providing services for World Bank, European Investment Bank, European Union, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and also ministries, governorships, units under governorships, municipalities, universities and private sector.

Having a significant role about disaster awareness and risk communication in Turkey, as well as raising awareness projects, Diyalog 360 uses its experience and knowledge in disaster, disaster and emergency planning, fire, search and rescue and first aid trainings.

During countless projects they participated, Diyalog 360 team had an active role in training of millions of people from Turkey and especially from Istanbul.

With the training and consultancy services we provide, we aim to make sure that institutions invest in their future. Diyalog 360 designs training programs to support social capacity building and awareness, which are all designed by academics and experts from the field in compliance with international partnerships and projects.

Diyalog 360 follows carefully all project processes from the startup to implementation and reporting stages. Focusing on flawless results and completely fulfilling its commitments in an absolute professional approach, Diyalog 360 provides trustworthy service for organizations with a close collaboration and friendly relationships

Working Areas

  • Disaster & Emergency Management

  • Cultural Heritage

  • Education

  • ​Energy

  • Social Responsibility