Integrated Security Risk Analysis of Ankara Railway Station

2017 - Institutional Capacity Building Consultancy

The project aims to gain the ability to emergency teams which are established for different purposed, related departments and supplier firms under TCDD Ankara Railway Station on implementation of risk analysis, damage reduction, intervention and recovery plans in compliance with statutes at large.

The project team is responsible for

  • testing their capabilities on emergency

  • determining requirements for institutional and technical capacity building

  • determining needs to define and develope crisis management strategy on terrorist attack, disaster & emergency, fire, train crash etc.

  • Reporting to management

Consultancy for Trainings and Field Exercise Organization of the Management of Disaster Risks for Cultural Heritage

2017 - Training Consultancy

Purpose of the training was to share approaches related to damage reduction, preparation, emergency response, intervention and recovery management of  risks for culturel heritage with experts who worked on cultural heritage area.

Training programme, which was held for the first time in Turkey on educational enhancement of the world heritage sites, was targeted to;

  • guide not only for heritage sites/assets of Turkey, but also the other heritage sites in the UNESCO world heritage list, too

  • make Turkey leading country in this field from the national/regional level to international scale in the coming years

  • educate experts, share knowledge and experiences widely, achieve sustainability with this programme that was prepared in an interdisciplinary and a broad participation process on the management of disaster risks for cultural heritage

  • be established departments with related experts in institutions that work in the field of cultural heritage conservation and emergency response and  constitute a theoretical background. 

4th International Conference On Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures

2017 - Event Consultancy

Structural health assessment of timber structures focuses on traditional and contemporary timber structures bridging links between timber architecture and engineering, wood-based industries and the building sector in general.  The theme of the conference covers a broad range of areas, including restoration and strengthening, seismic behaviour and retrofitting, inspection and monitoring, non-destructive testing, experimental results and laboratory testing, analytical and numerical approaches, historical aspects and general methodology, innovative and traditional materials technology, case-studies, codes and guidelines. This biannually held conference provides an international and multi-disciplinary meeting for researchers, practitioners and manufacturers to present and discuss past, present and future of different types of timber structures.

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