Who are we ?

We are a team who have worked together for many years and have strong knowledge and experience. We are excited about innovative and viable ideas that will add value to society and the future. We are developing projects to shape these ideas in ways that can be passed on to all segments of society. We are realizing your dreams by turning them into realistic projects for shaping the future today with our expertise, our skills and our solution-focused approach. We manage projects and processes that are shaped in the direction of needs from every angle based on mutual understanding and harmony among stakeholders. We develop the capacities of private institutions and non-governmental organizations, in particular public institutions and organizations, with the services we provide in the fields of management, organization, communication management and restructuring, consultancy, training and process management services and provide infrastructure for legislation by improving existing standards.

Until today, we have signed very good works that we are all proud of. Because we believe that the projects we are involved in will lead the future, and we know how to use resources and information properly.

What are we 

doing ?

  • Integrated Security Risk Analysis of Ankara Railway Station (2017)

  • Consultancy for  Trainings and  Field Exercise Organization of  the Management of Disaster Risks for Cultural Heritage (2017)

  • 4th International Conference On Structural Health Assessment of Timber Structures (2017)

  • Ceyhan Chamber of Commerce: Developing Turkey with Registered Employment Project (2017)

  • ICOMOS International Coordination Meeting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2017)

  • Sultanahmet Lifelong Learning Festival (2016, 2017)

  • Studies, Workshops and Symposium for Preparation of Guideline for the Management of Earthquake Risks for Historical Structures (2016 - 2017)

  • ICOMOS Annual General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (2016)

How are we 

doing ?

We handle our jobs, basically in business field of project management, training consultancy, institutional capacity building and event consultancy, with 360 degrees competence at all points. For this purpose;

we listen to you.

we search the right people & resources, and find them.

we outline the project.

we are in constant contact with you, and create the processes in one-to-one conversation.

we ensure the follow-up of the projects, and manage them at every stage.

we inform you about the process in progression phase, and assess together with you.

we provide a training program, an event, a publication or a guideline at the end of the project in accordance with the objectives of it.